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Racial Equity Retreat with Treats

A wonderful weekend well spent with several of the movers and shakers of Boulder and Larimer County Colorado in Estes Park, CO. Each of us walk a different path in life but come together on common ground and believe in racial equity and the destruction of a white supremacy culture that has thrived for far too long.

Our journey in Estes Park consisted of learning one another's story, discussing different methods for facilitating difficult conversations, understanding different kinds of racism, and checking ourselves for previous and/or current biases. Although two days is not enough for a complete transformation or to learn everything there is to know about racism, it is a start. Through loving and compassionate discussion, participants learned how to plant the seed of truth within themselves and in those around them.

At the end of each retreat, participants are asked to write out their Commitment of Action in which they agree to become an active Change Agent with Voice Our Power.

Looking forward to our quarterly update meetings!

"Beautiful people, heavy duty discussions."

-Jori Kramer

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