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Born in Memphis, TN and raised in Olive Branch, MS, Deja has always faced adversity while learning what it means to be a Black woman in America. Deja’s personal experiences with racism, sexism, colorism, and ageism deeply impact the way she sees the world and encourage her to learn about how other underprivileged minorities experience life.


Deja is passionate about informing and educating others on racial inequality, systemic racism, and social injustices and believes that these conversations, while difficult, are essential to have. Deja has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration of International Business and a minor of Mandarin Chinese as well as her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business.


After attending the University of Memphis, the desire to take a stand and to fight back became overwhelming, so she and an old friend created a social activism and education Facebook page called Assemble Memphis. This was Deja’s baby step into the world of social activism and Deja’s giant leap into this world is through her work with Yarbrough Consulting and Voice Our Power (VOP).

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