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Shiquita Yarbrough is the Director of Community Engagement & Equity for the YWCA Boulder County. She runs several programs that focus on racial equity, such as, Reading to End Racism, Latina Achievement Support, and STEMe3 for girls of color. 


She has provided Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training for the League of Women Voters Colorado State Convention, The League of Voters of Boulder County Board, and The YWCA Boulder Board. After consulting individuals and local groups about DEI, she decided to start her own business. Currently, she is consulting with the Boulder County Chamber of Commerce by helping them implement best DEI practices for their members and in the community.


For the last five years, Shiquita has been working with non-profit organizations. She believes in the power of equipping non-profits, especially grassroots organizations, with the tools to strengthen the support in their communities with equitable and inclusive practices. She has also participated on many panels to speak about diversity, equity and inclusion.


Supporting her community is a passion she expresses through her continuous work and commitment. She is an advocate for single parents and had a single parent radio show on KGNU for two years and had the first Single Parent Summit in Boulder County.  She co-founded a group called Families of Color Colorado where families of all races and backgrounds come together to share, communicate, and receive support. She is currently on the Board of the League of Women Voters Boulder County;  a DEI Shur Fellow for the National League of Women Voters where she trains other local Leagues on diversity, equity and inclusion;  Program committee for Emergency Family Assistance Association;  Human Housing Advisory Board for the City of Longmont. She continues to be a mentor to many women of color.

What Shiquita has been up to...

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